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Managed IT Services

24x7 Monitoring

Infinity Tech Services offers Managed IT Services that will keep your computers patched against the latest exploits and viruses. Know that you’ll have someone you can call when you run into a snag, too — Our business support package includes unlimited remote support! Your computer is monitored for issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Website Design

Web Design Services

Through Infinity Web Services, we can help design a new professional-looking website from start to finish, at competitive prices.

VoIP Phone Service

Grandstream Phone

Save up to 70% off your business phone service costs with voice over IP (VoIP). VoIP uses your existing Internet connection, and frees you from your current overpriced telephone carrier. Not only will you save money with VoIP, you’ll get state-of-the-art phones and loads of new features as well! It’s a win-win-win situation.

Travis Dennie, Owner

Why Infinity Tech?

Every business needs IT personnel. Whether it’s an on-site department or a managed IT service like Infinity Tech Services, you need someone to call when you’re in a bind.

I’m Travis, owner of Infinity Tech Services, LLC. My IT services have been available to the Gallipolis and surrounding areas for over 15 years. Being in IT my entire life, I’ve developed the knowledge needed to remedy any technical situation you encounter. I’m an expert troubleshooter. Cut out the first- and second-level support technicians you’re used to working with, and let’s get right to fixing your problem – fast. Even if you don’t think you’re experiencing a problem, let’s schedule a consultation. I can provide a network security assessment for your business, help point out red flags, and assist in getting them resolved.

Mission Statement

To allow businesses to succeed without technical inconveniences. To provide IT services of the highest quality without breaking the bank. And to be available at a time that’s in the best interest of the customer, including quick response times, every time.

Infinity Tech Services has an impeccable reputation in the area, which stems from not only talking the talk, but walking the walk. We will strive to offer the best solution in any situation for the lowest possible price. Infinity Tech Services has proven track record backed with real-world IT experience.

As an Infinity Tech customer, you’ll become accustomed to:

  • A steady IT budget that’s much less expensive than hiring your own IT employee or employees.
  • Fewer daily issues due to the 24x7x365 monitoring and proactive management & procedures.
  • Stay protected against viruses, malware, and ransomware using our award-winning antivirus product.
  • Less downtime when there are issues, due to the quick resolution that Infinity Tech Services provides.

If you’re unsure of how we can help your business, contact Infinity Tech Services today to schedule an initial consultation at 740.204.6333.

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* Prices are per computer. Quantity discounts available. Gallia & Mason County Chamber Membership discounts available.

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