IT Services

This is an abbreviated list of services provided by Infinity Tech Services.


Running New Cable

Thought you ran enough network jacks in your new office building? Did you just lease a new office and need a port to plug in your printer? We’ve all been there. Worry no longer!

We’ll help run new cabling throughout your building where you need it the most.


Let us rewire your building. Designate a network closet, usually where your Internet connection enters the building. Then, we’ll install a network rack and a patch panel to tidy things up. Add your network switch or purchase a new one. With a centrally located network area, you’ll always know which jacks go where, and what they’re plugged into.


Sometimes your only resort is asking your teenage nephew how to install your new Windows Server. Even worse, you could actually follow through with the idea of doing so. Instead, let a certified professional plan it out for you.

I’ve been in the business my entire life. I live, breath, and love all things related to Information Technology. I’ve worked a large part of my career at a medium-sized community bank — a 24/7 environment. Services and software have to be installed correctly, they have to be up and accessible, and they have to work – ALL. THE. TIME.

So don’t settle for less when it comes to doing things right the first time. Call Infinity Tech Services!

Cloud Backup

Experts always tout the famous 3-2-1 backup method: 3 copies on 2 different local types of mediums or devices, 1 offsite. There’s a reason for that — you’ll be covered in case of a fire, flood, or other natural disaster that affects your building.

Quit worrying about taking data offsite with you and start using our Cloud Backup service!

Your precious documents, picutures, music, databases, and even entire workstations/servers/VMs can be stored offsite, securely, in the cloud.

Modern versions of Microsoft SQL and Exchange are natively supported.

Data Recovery

If you have storage media that will no longer recognize on your computer, try Infinity Tech Services first. You’ll get a quicker turnaround time for a cheaper price than sending it off. Data recovery can cost thousands of dollars, and facility capabilities are all over the board.

When Infinity Tech Services checks out your drive, you’ll be notified quickly whether your data can be recovered locally. If Infinity can’t do it, we can recommend a more capable facility to do so.

Managed IT Services

Have your own IT department. That’s our motto. With Infinity Tech’s Managed IT Services, you’ll notice smoother-running operations of your computer(s) than usual. Security and application patches are taken care of behind-the-scenes and won’t pull you away from being productive.

With our Managed IT Services, award-winning antivirus is included as well. Business plans even come with unlimited remote support, so you’ll always have someone to call — all without having to pay for costly IT personnel.


Wired networks, wireless networks, wireless security, subnets, DHCP/DNS, IP routing, link speeds, LACP, dual-wan… did we confuse you yet? Don’t worry, because you can count on Infinity Tech Services to show up on-site and know exactly what’s going on by asking some brief questions and doing a little testing.

If it’s a new setup, you’re in luck – We’ll help you plan your network for the future. The worst thing you could do is waste hours of your time only to find out it all needs redone. We’re the professional that’ll do it right the first time.

Network Security

Many wireless networks are set up the same way. The same way that lets anyone with access to YouTube to crack your wireless password in less than an hour.

They’ve cracked your wireless password – guess what? They might as well be plugged in to your router, with full access to your network.

It doesn’t stop there – what about a firewall? Even if you have a firewall, is it properly configured? Is it affected by a recent exploit that renders it useless? When was the last time you updated it? These are all rhetorical questions, but is something to think about. Have Infinity Tech check out your situation to see if you’re safe!

Wireless Networks

Whether you need a wireless link between two buildings, or you pay for Internet access at two different locations that are within line-of-sight (LoS), Infinity Tech Services can help.

If you’re paying for two Internet Service Providers (ISPs), we can probably help you drop one of the monthly bills! Think of the savings over the next 12 months if you had half the monthly cost!